Organized Religion & Mormon Underwear

Many of you may have heard Jeffrey last night on a radio show discussing Mormonism. He was asked by the host about his exit from Mormonism and subsequent turn toward basic Christianity. The host asked if he’d considered that after concluding that Mormonism is a false and man-made religion did he consider that maybe all religions are man-made? His response was that to a certain degree he feels they are which is why he is a “Non-institutional Christian”. I agree with this. (I know, big surprise since we married each other!) When I left Mormonism [over a decade ago] I wanted nothing more to do with “organized” religion. I am of the opinion that while there are some good and perhaps truthful things about many churches, none has the right to claim “they know it all”. Claiming to be the one true church, in my view, is a very arrogant and dangerous thing to do. Additionally, the concept of belonging to an organization that expects complete obedience of its members in every aspect of their lives is, well, just ridiculous. Basic “rules” for living are helpful; “don’t kill anyone” and “be faithful to your spouse” (10 commandments stuff) are great basic rules. But when the rules get into what kind of underwear are allowed, how many earrings are considered “appropriate” and how you can spend your free time that’s going beyond too far. I joined the Mormon church as a young woman who wanted to be around other like-minded, basically moral people. I joined because I thought Mormons, overall, adhered to the basic rules. Unfortunately, Mormons aren’t exactly forthcoming with all the “doctrine” and rules and restrictions when you join. Sure, I knew the main things like no coffee, no alcohol, etc, and while I thought those were a tad restrictive I was willing to go along with them. But once I was in the Mormon church and learned about all the additional do’s, don’ts and requirements I was shocked. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I accidentally heard about “garments” [aka the special Mormon underwear] for the first time while overhearing a conversation between two long-time members. At first I thought they were ceremonial and to be worn under clothing but over normal underwear. When it was explained that they are your underwear I was floored, especially when it was stated that women are to wear their bras on the outside of the shirt. This is just one example of the Mormon mode of operation they like to call “Milk before Meat” which loosely translates into “If we tell potential members the creepy stuff upfront they won’t join”. Talk about “non-disclosure”. This is the point about organized religion and the control they exercise over their members. Contrary to what the Mormons will try to tell people, it’s been found that the fastest growing religion is actually NO religion. It seems that among those who are believers in God, they are choosing to attend non-denominational churches without feeling the need to pick a “religion” and join, thus steering clear of the organized religions. This is religious freedom. And this is a good thing.


  1. Just curious. I am a bit taken aback when I read the origin of the Book of Mormon and I am particularly interested in the 'golden plates'. Apparently they have never been seen by modern scholars of the Mormon church. I think that this is cool ideal to get some focus on North American religion introducing Christ to this region and taking the focus of the middle east. My question is - is there any archeological evidence of Nephites and Laminites existence?

  2. In answer to the comment/question above: No, there is no archeological evidence of the Nephites or Lamanites existence. At least with the Bible, you can find archeological evidence of cultures and places. Yet with the Book of Mormon, a much "newer" book, no such evidence exists.

  3. You people should be ashamed of yourself.

  4. Um...I am a convert and was told up front about garments. It isn't a big secret and it's not really that big of a deal. Lots of religions wear clothing or other items (crosses, etc) that remind them of their religion and the committments they made to their Father in Heaven. I am really sad that you go out of your way to denounce something that you "don't believe in". If you don't believe in our religion, why are you talking so much about it. Guilt? There is nothing that I HAVE to do or am TOLD to do that I don't want to do. Mormonism is a simple lifestyle and not at all's called "sacred" and I for one am more than happy to not drink, smoke, do drugs, or even wear thongs....and if that makes me a sheep then BAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  5. Have you ever thought, JustMe, that all the things you DO do have been things you've been pressured into your entire life?
    Think about it. If you had had no exposure to your religion your entire life, things would be very different.
    It's propoganda, the band wagon. The people around you make you who you are.. thus, you really haven't created your OWN belief at all.
    And by the way... thongs are great. There is nothing wrong with them.

  6. wow @justme why are you on here? the internet is a free world of opinions if you don't like what he has to say then don't read it. The point of this blog is to get a different perspective of mormonism NOT have your beliefs shoved down our throats. I don't care about what people believe I just don't appreciate when its ok for people like you to criticize people with different beliefs but then you lash out when anyone critiques your own religion! No one's perfect! and neither is religion! and what the other person said about you not having your own belief is 100% correct.I'd read and think about what they said! Let us believe what we want and you can believe yours..

    1. I agree with those of you who recognize the sheep here who swallow the baloney of Mormonism (scientology, etc) since it IS propaganda! I grew up with nothing so was free to choose for myself. My father was an atheist and my mother a lapsed Baptist. She'd take my sister and me to varuious churches each Sunday just to see if anything really 'clicked' with us. Mom let inside our house two elders with their jargon and books and we'd go to their 'church' for awhile. I was the last one stil attending until the guy on stage (behind the podium) was telling us al that "Only a good christian does not hang out with hippies..." etc. That was during the time of Nixon so it made me think of them all right then they could go fuck themselves! Jesus was the original hippie so it did not convince me of their 'holiness' since Jesus WOULD behanging out with other poor, long-hairs.

      My sister now believes in basic chrstianity but no particular church. I went from Hindu/Zen/Krishna to Judaism and then became a Roman Catholic (telling my priest I wanted him to teach me the Credo in Latin since in the film "Claudine Claudell" was about the time of Europe when IF you couldn't recite it upon demand, the gov't would kill you! My priest would laugh and say we weren't in the middle ages anymore but sometimes I wonder. Father Edward died a few years ago but I have yet to find another priest who is willing to joke around with parishiners, teach Latin or answer questions about the Bible. When a local priest was instructing the parish to vote for Bush, I quit! NOBODY tells me who to hang out with or who to vote for! They crossed a line so should be forced to pay income taxes since there is no longer any seperation between church & state (and it was never a law). So I'm an ex-almost Mormon who still reads the Talmid, Torah and Bible and declines going to services. I won't be told what underwear to use either!

      Peace out, man. Try to love each other as Jesus said to do.

      Et cum spiritu tuo, Babs

  7. Justme...have you really looked into the basic Mormon theology? Who God is? Who Jesus is? Its so far out of whack its scary. I grew up Mormon and belived what they told me and taught me. When I heard the truth, and the sweet, saving,and true gospel I was floored and really taken back. Had to wrap my brain around that for a couple years.
    All the family stuff, underwear and tit for tat about the LDS church vs. others means nothing if you dont belive, KNOW, and give your life to Jesus.
    The Jesus of Christianity and the mormon jesus are two different men....
    Look into it please. Not trying to me rude AT ALL, its becasue we love you and all our eternity is in question. Do a comparison, look at the will see.

  8. there were no Mormons during the time of Jesus. God did not give Priest hood strictly to Mormons.God has gifts for his children equally. He does not do favorites.

  9. Mormons believe Jesus and satan are brothers? Mormon's get their own planet to populate after they die? Just be straight with me please.

  10. And I don't understand this babtizing people who already have passed away


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