Mormon Rules: Not open to Interpretation

As a follow up from the Mormon Church Court post, I have the following I would like to add. From the book Priesthood and Church Government it states what would be considered an offense to the church and thus would require action (or Church Court).

"There are really only three kinds of offenses of which the church takes cognizance. First and the most serious is the breaking of the moral law in any of its divisions. Second, deliberate disobedience to the regulations of the Church, which render a person liable for such punishments as the church can properly mete out to its members. Third, the incorrect interpretation of doctrine, coupled with an unwillingness to accept the correct view after proper explanations of the doctrine have been made."

I have often said that the Mormon Church is made up of people that are great followers. As for me, the Third offense “Interpretation of Doctrine” and “accepting the correct view” was my biggest issue. Here’s why: lets just take a look at some of the Mormon rules and laws for an example. Most people know that Mormons don’t smoke or drink; this is part of what is known as the Word of Wisdom. In the Word of Wisdom (Doctrine and Covenants chapter 89) it talks about not drinking wine or strong drink, hot drinks, (interpreted to mean coffee and tea) or using tobacco. However it also talks about eating grains and fruit of the season and that eating of meat should be done in moderation or as it is stated, that “meat should be used only in winter or cold or time of famine.” (Doctrine and Covenants 89:13) So what am I getting at? As part of any interview for worthiness, members are asked if they follow the Word of Wisdom, or if the smoke, drink alcohol, or drink coffee or tea. What they will not ask about is if they are eating mostly grains and fruit of the season and eating very little meat. I can tell you right now that from my years in the Mormon Church and going to church dinners or to other member’s homes for dinner, this is something that is ignored. If you ask about this you will be told that this is a recommendation for health and just a suggestion, but yet the smoking and drinking alcohol and or coffee is going against the Church’s laws. If you drink alcohol, drink coffee or tea or smoke, you will not be found worthy to hold church callings, or be allowed go to the temple, or even be baptized. But feel free to eat all the meat you want, because they will not ask about this. So I guess what I am saying is that there are ways that the Mormon church has interpreted the law of the Word of Wisdom to make it what it is today, picking what they want and ignoring the other. If a member were to believe that the Word of Wisdom is a guideline for healthy living, and knowing what we know today, felt that it was okay to drink a little wine each day because it is found to be good for the body, and not eat meat or very little meat because of the resources of today talking about how a diet of red meat is harmful for the body, they would be told that they were not correct and that they are not to drink wine at all and that they must adhere to the church’s interpretation. Oh, and bring your own salad to the next church dinner.

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  1. I was wondering if there is a rule or suggested life style for mormon women about meal times. I am female, I asked my friend if she wanted do dinner together and I would bring it over to her house. She said she couldnt because her husband wasnt home. So was she blowing me off, or is that a religious thing about eating with her husband?


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