Mormon Rules List: commenters weigh in

We recently had an Anonymous comment regarding the Mormon Rules post. It seems this person felt our post wasn't "fair" and that we "must have had a bad experience with the LDS church". First I want to point out that neither of us left the church due to a "bad experience" we left because the doctrine simply didn't ring true. But what I really wanted to mention is this part of the comment:

"When my Mormon friends explain these very things, it doesn't sound psycho."

This statement is particulary amusing when you realize that of course to Mormons it doesn't sound "psycho", they are taught and conditioned to beleive and do things that the average person would not. I think the comments speak for themselves regarding how folks would feel about being required to live that set of rules. Oh, and for the commentor who stated these rules are a choice, well, yes, in the same way you could "choose" not to show up for work all week but I think we all know what would happen in that situation.


  1. It's not's brainwashing....the most difficult thing to do is leave the's ingrained in me...I know it's ingrained in others that I have read about and know....nothing is psycho if it's what you've always known.
    I left because I didn't want to be the submissive wife of a self righteous arrogant man. I didn't want to have to prove myself to God, when God was the one that provided my trial...I didn't really ever believe it all...I tried....I tried with all my heart and just when push came to shove it wasn't enough. Since I left I have learned so much more about why I should not remain .... it's incredible that things I never knew I didn't
    Again thanks for the blog...please write more!!!

  2. I think the most off putting aspect is fast Sunday (first Sunday of the month) is listening to the testimony of children that aren't old enough to be baptized (under the age of 8). Hearing them say "I know this church is true...". Ask them what true means or even what a church really is and you'll be challenged to accept the truth of this church. One of the things that the missionaries are taught is to tell seekers to pray about the validity of the church and wait for revelation. I am still waiting for my revelation and yes I want my kids to think for themselves, much the way God wants us to choose (the whole free will question).

  3. Also, the selling of Mormonism is a carefully honed PR campaign, sharpened over generations (albeit sometimes a bit clunky... do they still use flip charts? or is it laptops and powerpoint)? Anyway it is all drawn (like most sales) from what has worked before, and the more controversial or upsetting teachings are downplayed. Boy are they ever downplayed!


No, we aren't Mormon any longer and don't follow "their" rules, but we really appreciate comments that don't contain swearing. Thank you.