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We get lots of interesting comments and emails around here and we thought this one was worth addressing in a post. The following comment came in for the post titled: Organized Religion & Mormon Underwear

"I am a convert and was told up front about garments. It isn't a big secret and it's not really that big of a deal. Lots of religions wear clothing or other items (crosses, etc) that remind them of their religion and the commitments they made to their Father in Heaven. I am really sad that you go out of your way to denounce something that you "don't believe in". If you don't believe in our religion, why are you talking so much about it. Guilt? There is nothing that I HAVE to do or am TOLD to do that I don't want to do. Mormonism is a simple lifestyle and not at all's called "sacred" and I for one am more than happy to not drink, smoke, do drugs, or even wear thongs....and if that makes me a sheep then BAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!"

Well, I was a convert and garments were never mentioned so I’m glad to hear the Mormon church was up front with someone about such a significant commitment. Most folks would consider being told what type of underwear to wear, especially a type that covers much more than average, on a 24/7 basis to be “a big deal”. Comparing that to something like a cross around one’s neck, etc, is like comparing apples to oranges.

Interestingly, the comments made by this reader are the standard issue, parroted phrases Mormon members are taught to use with those who take issue with certain aspects of the religion. We’ve heard it all before: Asking us why we talk about it rather than leave it alone? Yes, the old standard: “People leave the church but can’t leave it alone” stance. Accusing us of having left due to guilt? Yep, the old: “you must have done something horrible and that’s why you left!” accusation which we addressed in this post. Stating things in the Mormon religion are “Sacred not secret” is a time honored, canned phrase amongst Mormons.

But what was most amusing about the above comment was the statement that “Mormonism is a simple lifestyle”. Being a Mormon and doing all that is expected of you is the very opposite of simple as anyone can see in taking a look at the many rules.

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  1. My husband and I are currently feeling the desire to leave the church. The garments are the first thing to go for me. I hate them. And I don't like being part of a church that dicates every aspect of my life right down to my underwear. They may tell you about the garments in passing but they sure don't tell you what they look like and how you have to wear them.


No, we aren't Mormon any longer and don't follow "their" rules, but we really appreciate comments that don't contain swearing. Thank you.