Mormons: Seriously

It’s been a while since we’ve written a post. We really do want to keep up with writing for this blog and hope to share more stories and information with readers this year. 2009 was quite a year for Mormons in the news and it was quite interesting for this blog as well. We had so many emails and comments, most of which have been very supportive. Those that weren’t were clearly from current Mormons who stumbled onto our blog, shocked that two former Mormons would dare say anything negative about ‘the church’ and essentially their message was “We should be ashamed”. To that we can only ask; “Ashamed for what?” For simply sharing our experiences, thoughts and feelings? We’ve said nothing untruthful or misleading, which is more than can be said for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as an organization. I also want to point out to readers that neither of us has anything against the Mormon people as a whole; in fact, quite the opposite. We feel that in general, the rank and file Mormons are good people with good intentions but are so affected by cognitive dissonance that they cannot see the forest for the trees. We believe that Mormon members are simply very uninformed and manipulated into believing and doing what they do. I actually feel bad for Mormons because as people who’ve lived that life and are now free from it, we know firsthand what a hugely positive difference it has made in our lives.

As a reader of “mommy blogs” I ran across a blog some time ago that I found very interesting as a former Mormon. Apparently, this blog became an almost overnight sensation due to its hilarious subject matter; a spoof about Mormon mommy blogs. But digging deeper, it’s also a spoof about Mormon life in general as the author shares such ridiculous topics such as whether or not it’s okay to shop online on a Sunday, wear a sleeveless top or two pairs of earrings. I found her writing spot on parodying Mormon life, but was actually shocked to learn the author was and is a current, believing Mormon! It’s astounding to see that people can actually see the ridiculousness of their religion’s rules and requirements and yet still be a part of it. Again, cognitive dissonance at its best. To see for yourself, check out; Seriously, so Blessed!

And please keep the comments and emails coming, we love hearing from our readers and hope to share much more with you this year.


  1. Yes, a lot of LDS are woefully uninformed.

    You can also find a lot of woeful ignorance among Christopher Hitchens fans.

    But that doesn't mean that every Mormon is unaware of the things you've discovered.

    Some of us have heard all the same controversies about the LDS Church that you have and still decided to stick with it.

  2. I recognize that some people lack the faith to live as a latter-day saint. I feel sorry for the great blessings they give up when they leave, but I respect their agency to choose. I also respect those who have the integrity to leave the Church and not try to tear it down.

    Have you never considered leaving the Church alone and just getting on with your life? Instead you're seeking renown and praise of the telestial world by soliciting "speaking engagements?" Perhaps there's some money involved? You wrote on the sidebar of your blog:

    "I am available for speaking engagements (youth groups, church groups and others). I can tailor a presentation to your needs; whether you want to do a Q & A with a former Mormon or you'd like a talk given on particular subjects pertaining to my background and experiences, I can put something together for your group."

    What is it with exMormons that they are compelled to become anti-Mormon crusaders? There's nothing like living up to a stereotype.

    Greg West

  3. I have to agree with Seth R.

    Just because we can find humor in our own lives doesn't make us ignorant and unaware of how ridiculous it all sounds. It's an underlying faith. Whether you believe in God/Mormonism/Buddhism/Catholicism it all boils down to faith. For some people it's all they have. Please don't make fun of it or look down upon those who have faith.

    And please, don't feel sorry for the Mormons. We'll just keep drowning our sorrows in our Caffeine Free Diet Coke, we'll be fine.

  4. I'm a non-Mormon and our family has been living in Utah for the past four years. In reference to this quote:
    "What is it with exMormons that they are compelled to become anti-Mormon crusaders? There's nothing like living up to a stereotype."
    I can attest to why I personally believe an exMormon crusades to expose the falsehood of the Church. The church teaches intolerance of others, believes to be the ONLY true religion, and brain washes their followers to NEVER question their faith...when a nonMormon questions a Mormon, it's very strange and uncomfortable to receive the exact same cookie cutter answers.
    My beautiful young girls are suffering in this state only because they are not LDS! My husband and I demand our children live a life full of morals and integrity WITHOUT passing judgement on others!
    When I tell Mormons of our negative experiences, insensitive comments and blatant disregard for our family, every single one acts "shocked" we would be treated as such and claims the church has changed.


No, we aren't Mormon any longer and don't follow "their" rules, but we really appreciate comments that don't contain swearing. Thank you.